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Precision Manufacturing 

At CGR we can offer a wide range of manufacturing services and reverse engineering. We utilise various 3D CAD packages, highly accurate laser scanning, and our combined experience to design and produce almost any component desired.


We can fabricate and machine components to any tolerance you specify  and can manufacture products with unlimited complexity. We have the facility to design from your ideas and specs then use a combination of 5-axis milling, CNC turning, wire eroding, spark eroding, TIG welding, folding and pressing techniques to turn your theories into high-end finished products, fully optimised to your application.

As well as designing components for you, we can work to your designs and CAD files with ease.

We often utilise 3D printing and rapid prototyping to industry-leading accuracy in order to reduce development costs and confirm designs before they enter production, alongside providing 3D printed end-products.

This includes but isn't limited to;

  • Radiators and intercoolers

  • Charge and induction piping

  • Fuel cells

  • Suspension components

  • Engine and gearbox mountings

  • Engine components

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