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Nissan R35 GTR Exhaust

If you're familiar with CGR Automotive you'll know that our exhausts are not only extremely high quality, but are also completely customisable. We think this is a very important factor with our GTR exhausts as it's very rare that two are the the same! We will always have a solution for your needs, weather your car is currently completely standard, a 1000bhp monster, you want something super quiet, or maybe want to wake up the neighbors? We have silencer, pipe size, tailpipe and material options to suit you.

R35 GTR Custom Exhaust

To make sure our exhaust system was optimised in the development stage laser scanning was used to capture an extremely accurate picture of the underfloor and rear bumper. This allowed us to CAD the exhaust in the space available to maximise air flow and to achieve a perfect fit. This also allows us to reproduce multiple exhausts with a tiny margin of error, and no need to leave a car with us.

R35 GTR Custom Exhaust

We pride ourselves with using the best methods to weld and fabricate our products, only ever using fully back-purged TIG welding to compliment the perfectly fitting joints.

R35 GTR Custom Exhaust
R35 GTR Custom Exhaust
R35 GTR Custom Exhaust
R35 GTR Custom Exhaust

Here is a video of our "daily" system. This is the silencer option we'd recommend for most people that use their GTRs daily, want something that isn't too loud on start up, doesn't drone, but sounds great when the throttle is opened up!

We will developing some decat pipes for the GTR very soon, so keep an eye out...

For more information on our GTR systems, or if you'd like to speak to us about another project get in touch one of the following ways;

01709 530871


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