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Porsche 911 Exhaust System

After plenty of development time and testing, it's time to finally release our Porsche 911 exhaust system! We're extremely proud of this exhaust system and we feel it's the best exhaust system physically available for the 911 platform. We'll let the pictures below do the talking and go through the spec list and details once you've had chance to catch your breath.

Porsche 911 Exhaust
Porsche 911 Exhaust

Packaging this complex 911 system was extremely difficult without compromising the flow and fit of the exhaust system but our skilled engineers spent weeks optimising the pipe routing so we could create the perfect system without any negative effects.

Porsche 911 Exhaust

By using our proprietory V-Band fittings we created a quick and easy assembly procedure which ensures a hassle-free sealing solution. This is something we fit on all our exhaust systems in order to maintain extremely high standards with an emphasis on complete lack of compromise, we feel this suits the 997 Carrera perfectly.

Porsche 911 Exhaust

By utilising the factory silencer positions, we can offer multiple silencer options easily in a modular fashion using the factory mounting points. This also saves weight over the most rearward part of the car. We can truly personalise and tailor the sound of the exhaust system to your exact specifications, whether it's a fire-breathing monster you're building or a track car that needs to get onto quiet evening sessions, we can put together the perfect solution for you.

Porsche 911 Exhaust

The X-Pipe fitted to our 911 Carrera exhaust system has been designed and built to be as high flowing as physically possible and the only true way an x-pipe should be built. Rather than the gas flow paths attempting to cross each other which just creates a huge restriction and therefore a lot of unwanted back-pressure in the exhaust system, the X-pipe we have built for this exhaust system means the bends run tangent to each other with an opening to allow each bank of exhaust gas to be equalised by the other without any restriction what so ever. Fitting this within the space provided the Porsche was extremely difficult, but we weren't willing complete the exhaust without this part being absolutely perfect, and that's exactly what we achieved.

Porsche 911 Exhaust

Our tailpipes are all manufactured in-house so we can produce anything you would want, generally speaking to keep in-line with the Porsche design philosophy we keep the tailpipes looking simple and classy, but with presence so that the exhaust can be identified by enthusiasts but look perfectly suited to the car without standing out or ruining the engineered aesthetics of the 911 bumper.

To sum up the CGR Porsche 911 Exhaust system it includes; Unequivocal CGR design and manufacturing quality, Motorsport specification V-band fittings, Unrivalled exclusivity and personalisation, Optimised X-Pipe design that no other manufacturer has equalled, The highest quality materials, British design and manufacturing all done in-house. To view this product in our webstore click here Want to speak to us about your project and have a system optimised for your usage, don't hesitate to get in touch and speak to a member of our friendly and helpful team. 01709 530871


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