Mercedes C63 AMG Long Tube Manifolds

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on these Mercedes C63 AMG long-tube manifolds. They’re almost too beautiful to hide away under the air boxes in the engine bay, good job the sound is equally as gorgeous!

This brilliantly designed engine needed manifolds thoroughly engineered to compliment the power output this 6.2 naturally aspirated motor was designed for. The factory manifolds are hugely restrictive and the packaging is very tight. Mercedes wanted to keep the power fairly tame compared to other 63 models as this C class was the entry level AMG.

We managed to manufacture equal length primaries to maximise scavenging effect and pressure wave tuning, enhanced by the low-angle merge collectors. Despite Cross-Plane V8’s offering less potential gains with exhaust manifold tuning compared to Flat-Plane crank V8’s, we engineered the primary lengths and diameters to maximise mid-range torque and driveability which paid off as the car gained over 50ft lbs of torque on the dyno from 2400-4500 RPM with a minimum increase of approx. 30ft/lbs across the board, even as low as 1500rpm, without a map or any tuning being carried out (yet). Once we’ve mapped this car to perfectly match the new manifolds we’re hoping to see even further increases over the factory set-up. Getting the lengths perfectly equal, and getting the correct length we required to increase the torque where we wanted to in the RPM range was a huge challenge, especially considering the packaging constraints. These headers are an extremely tight fit in the engine bay and took weeks to manufacture, however the end result shows how clever engineering, and skilled fabrication can make any project come to life no matter how difficult. These could be tweaked to suit any application and torque curve requirements.

These cars produce A LOT of heat so as with all of our products we’ve expertly back-purged and TIG welded the stainless steel to ensure longevity and quality of the manifold. We added extra silencers to minimise drone left by removing the CATS, leaving the car sounding fairly quiet on idle and low revs, but like a ruthless Le Mans GTE car when you want it to! Unfortunately, we haven’t yet had chance to film the car on the road, but below you will find a video of it on our Dyno so you can have a taste of the sound it makes.

We’re very excited about how sublime these manifolds look and sound. Whether you’re looking for that head turning “wow factor” or something to suit your racing machine, get in touch to chat to us about your car’s (or bikes) needs.

Email – Or call – 01709 530871

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