Evo 5 Titanium & Inconel Exhaust

We were approached by a customer whose goal is to build the lightest EVO in the UK. For this he needed a featherweight yet durable exhaust system that will also keep to strict UK track noise limits.

Have we succeeded? Well unfortunately this project isn’t finished yet, but we’ve definitely shaved off as much weight as we can so far. As a temporary solution, we constructed a stainless steel downpipe, as this is going to be switched out for an Inconel one in the not too distant future after some engine modifications. But as you can see from the screen below it's currently weighing in at 985.5kg, but it should still be under a tonne with fluids and the front bumper fitted.

A 625 Inconel front pipe was created to link into a Titanium Alloy exhaust system with two very large repackable silencers. It is vital to keep the car below track day noise limits, this means that should the high temperature packing ever need replenishing it can be done by the customer with minimal effort.

For more information about the different between metals, take a look at our information page;


With over 800BHP on tap it was crucial this system was built to the highest standards to allow a lot of gas to escape the turbo as quickly as possible, this should make it a very challenging system to build as it had to be light, strong, high flowing, and still quiet enough to get on circuit, but our engineering knowledge and fabrication skills meant this was a walk in the park for our team!

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