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We now offer Corner Weighting!

What is corner weighting, and why is it important? Corner weighting (or balancing) involves adjusting a cars suspension to achieve an even weight distribution across the diagonals of the car, and if possible left to right. However we also take into account the driver’s and passenger weight to simulate how the car would be used on-track. By adjusting the suspension ride height in each corner individually and each corner’s pre-load, we can balance the car so it’s much more stable and a lot easier to control through the bends. Meaning faster lap times and a more fun drive! By setting the car up perfectly with driver, fuel and passengers accounted for you can gain crucial seconds per lap and also improve tyre and brake wear by evening out the car to a neutral state.

Corner Weighting

Having a balanced car is a key part to having confidence in the vehicle you’re driving. Corner balancing gives us the ability to increase grip and utilise it correctly, not only as it increases speed but improved drive-ability therefore creating a more rewarding drive. Whether the car is used on the road or on the track, corner weighting is a crucial part to a cars set-up and should be done before your suspension geometry is set-up to fully optimise your package. We also provide before and after reports so you can save your set-up in printed format for future reference or in a PDF format for safe keeping depending on your preference. We’ll also save your data in our database so when you return or have modifications carried out we can quickly and easily reference the car’s state of tune, suspension geometry settings, and previous corner weights.

Corner Weighting

Pricing, Initial corner weight measuring £30 Adjusting corner weight balance £60/hour A typical session will cost between £100-£150 however this can vary depending on suspension type used, your specific requirements and how far out of balance the car currently is.

To speak to us about chassis set-ups, including corner weighting, wheel alignment and geometry, and track-prep please contact our friendly staff. Whether you’re a complete amateur or professional racing team we have what it takes to achieve your goals. 01709 530871

Corner Weighting


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