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Alvis Goodwin Special Exhaust

We love working on Classics, especially historic race cars! Our brief was to manufacture and fit a new stainless steel exhaust, with interchangeable silencer for race days. The client wanted the exhaust to be sleek and as straight as possible. We built the manifold with a tapered collector, brushed finished, and slash cut the exhaust tip to keep the car looking stylish and in keeping with the period.

Alvis Goodwin Special
Alvis Goodwin Special

This one of a kind Alvis Goodwin Special was built in 1948 by Billy and Eric Goodwin, and since then the car has enjoyed great success at the Shelsley Walsh hillclimbs. It is currently being rebuild by Earley Engineering in Hereford.

Alvis Goodwin Special

Also supplied was an interchangeable silencer with matching heat shield, as the 4.3litre straight 6 classic car still needs to pass race day limits. V-band clamps were used to allow the client to swap the straight through pipe to a silencer when required, and these were discreetly placed underneath the laser cut heat shielding.

Alvis Goodwin Special

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