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Megane 3" Decat Downpipes

Our 3" stainless decat and sports cat downpipes are designed to fit with Mk2 - 225 230 R26 R26.R F1 and Mk3 250 265 275 Trophy-s Trophy-R Renault Sport Megane models with either the factory cat-back system, any aftermarket system that fits to the factory downpipe, or our own Megane Cat-Back Exhaust System.

Megane 3" Decat Pipe

The quality of these downpipes is peerless and we believe they're the lightest and most thoroughly engineered parts available.

If ordered with a cat-back system we will free-of-charge replace the lower 3 bolt flange with a V-band fitting to fully compliment the rest of the exhaust which already comes with V-bands as standard.

The weight of the decat pipe is approx 1.6kg's in Stainless steel, we can also produce these from Inconel upon special request.

Our downpipes are back-purged TIG welded to the highest standards in the industry, to give you an idea of what that means here's some example shots of a None back-purged pipe and one that has been back-purged but with full penetration.

Above picture shows a weld with no back purge with oxidisation causing a weak weld and restriction within the pipe.

The picture seen above shows a fully penetrated, back-purged weld which clearly shows how smooth and strong the weld is, there's no oxidisation and the gas can flow smoothly over, while retaining the materials full strength.

Side by side shot of a purged and none-purged weld.

Decat pipe price is £220 + postage, fitting or collection.

These have been fitted to dozens of cars worldwide, and we have the reputation for producing the best quality systems in the industry.

For any more info or to place an order please get in touch with one of our friendly team members;

01709 530871

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