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GT86 Equal Length Manifold

Here is our equal length GT86 / BRZ manifold for forced induction engines. We’ve meticulously designed the manifold to make sure that the primaries are all perfectly equal, and that our collector has optimised gas flow properties. We just can’t help being perfectionists! We know it looks pretty awesome, but this is only our development system so further refinements will be brought to our production models.

GT86 Manifold

We chose to develop equal length primaries coupled with a properly developed merge collector ensure that you’re getting maximum scavenging effect between cylinders therefore increase power as much as physically possible.

GT86 Manifold

At CGR we don’t use billet collectors, we know that the smoother the airflow the greater the power, so we precisely construct our collectors to maximise gas flow. Although this is a very difficult way of manufacturing, this ensures the gas leaving each cylinder merges effortlessly. Most people can’t work out how we can weld them with full penetration, maybe we’re just magicians!

GT86 Manifold

Soon we will be able to offer manifolds for naturally aspirated models, and forced induction exhaust systems for people running more power than our initial system was designed for. As usual with our products quality is very important to us, all welds are back-purge TIG welded and our bends are mandrel bend from 304 stainless steel.

This forced induction manifold will be priced at £1355, the naturally aspirated version will be on sale for £1290. If you wish to add a Zircotec thermal ceramic coating we are happy to provide this at an extra cost.

GT86 Manifold

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