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Titanium Megane Exhaust

So here it is! Our first Renault Megane 3 inch Titanium exhaust system.

Those of you looking to reduce weight for track use, this is the exhaust for you!

Titanium Megane Exhaust
Titanium Megane Exhaust

As usual we’re all about the details here at CGR, every kit will come with handmade titanium mounts and hangers, titanium bolts, custom Powerflex bushes, and two Machined Titanium V-bands for fitting.

Titanium Megane Exhaust

Titanium Megane Exhaust

How it weighs up; these are full exhaust system weights including mounting kits any clamps e.t.c;

The OEM 65mm Exhaust: 14.210kg

A competitor's 3” Exhaust: 16.920kg

Our Standard 3” stainless system with one silencer: 14.059kg

CGR 3″ Titanium system with one silencer: 7.143kg

Titanium Megane Exhaust

Titanium Megane Exhaust


Generally speaking, Titanium is actually a less than ideal material to build exhausts from. It’s structural strength is greatly reduced at anything above 400-500 degrees C, and commercially pure titanium can begin to oxidise at the kind of temperatures car exhausts reach.

The alloy we use is specially sourced by ourselves and very VERY rare in the UK. It’s specifically designed to withstand heat 300-400 degrees C higher than commercially pure Titanium for extended periods of time, and at least 200 degrees C higher most other high-temp Ti alloys making it the optimised material to use.

It’s an extremely difficult material to work with and even more difficult to weld, meaning it requires a very specific set of skills in order to ensure the system is manufactured correctly. All welds are fully gas covered (hence the silver/straw weld colour) and back-purged to within a micron of their life in order to ensure complete structural integrity.


Due to the nature of the alloy we use and the manufacturing techniques that go into the system, this is a premium product, and it will come with a premium price tag.

As you can imagine the material costs are pretty hefty, so we need to make sure that the price is not only justifiable for us as a small manufacturer, but also good value for money for our customers. This is generally work only ever seen in very high-end motorsport and aerospace.

We’re working on a final price as we speak and will post an update as soon as it’s finalised.

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