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Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ Exhaust System
  • Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ Exhaust System


    Here we have our CGR Automotive GT86 BRZ overpipe-back exhaust system, designed for maximum performance on NA and forced induction cars alike.

    The engineering and design work that have gone into this exhaust are second to none and it shows in the finished product.

    These systems can be fully customised to your needs and can be built to suit any BHP levels and noise level requirements.


    Available in 2.5 inch, 2.75 inch, or 3 inch.
    Metric: 63.5mm, 70mm, 76.2mm

    We also have a large variety of silencer options to choose from.


    Designed to compliment the sporting nature of the car they're being fitted to, our systems are designed for maximum performance and minimal restriction to order to enhance driveability and outright power while retaining the high end nature of the product for a truly no-compromise solution.

    Back-purge TIG welded to Aerospace standards;

    How the tube is prepared and welded is the most crucial part of the job. Every weld joint on our systems is TIG welded, however the difference between a good weld joint and a bad one is chalk and cheese. There are other systems on the market that have been TIG welded but none to this standard. The way we weld and fabricate our systems mean the joints are far stronger while being light and having NO restrictions. We could talk for hours about the fabrication process and how time consuming it is (we will tell you if you ask as long as you promise not to fall asleep).


    V-Band fittings

    The CGR system is held together with V-band connections not only to ensure an easy fitting and removal of the system V-bands are lightweight, with an extremely positive connection guaranteeing a perfect seal every time without the need for gaskets. This is usually a technique used in the motorsport market that we have used religiously in our race and road car systems since we began building exhausts as they are the perfect way to join the various exhaust components together.


    Fully Customisable for Individuality

    When we originally began developing the BRZ system, we 3D Laser-Scanned the underfloor of the car then CAD modelled the exhaust that we decided to run from the over-pipe backwards, removing the secondary CAT. To get that classic Japanese style we split the system down the middle and added two slightly upwards facing back boxes that are visible from the rear of the car. We then incorporated where the tailpipes and silencers would need to fit within the jigs, allowing for unlimited options to be spec'd without seriously affecting the construction process by using modular jigs, this allow us to adapt to fitting different silencer and tailpipe options. By having the CAD on-hand too, if we have any special requests that would not normally be catered for we can verify the amount of room and clearance we have in the CAD for whatever request we have without having to see the car or make modifications on the car.


    Split Pipe/Y-Pipe

    The pipe which splits the single system into two halfs is made in quite a special way, instead of just cutting two straight bits of tube together at an angle to separate the gas, we actually cut mandrel bends together at a perfect tangent to the rest of the exhaust. This is a lot of work and is possibly over-engineered however this gives absolutely no restriction and means the gas flows perfectly equally through both silencers before leaving the car. We felt that the extra work involved was 110% worth it in order to make certain the system was completely un-compromised and there were absolutely no restrictions or "hot-spots" of exhaust pressure.

    We weld and pack our own silencers in house, so although they look small they are extremely effective as we pack them very well with quality packing.  
    And finally, the tail pipes! We appreciate 5” straight cut pipes might not be everyone’s cup of Saké, so the tips are completely up to you. Tailpipes can be made however you like, slash cut, rolled in, rolled out, burnt, square, oval, whatever it is get in-touch and we can quote for it. The standard system comes with 4.5" slash cut tailpipes.

      Welcome to our online shop! As most of our products are made to order, please take note of the specified lead times on each product. These times are a general guide and can be flexible so please get in touch if you wish to discuss them.

      We do ship internationally but due to such varied costs this isn't available at the check out, please use our Contact Page for a postage quotation. 

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