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Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ Exhaust Manifold - Supercharged
  • Toyota GT86 Subaru BRZ Exhaust Manifold - Supercharged


    Here is our equal length GT86 / BRZ manifold for forced induction engines. We’ve meticulously designed the manifold to make sure that the primaries are all perfectly equal, and that our collector has optimised gas flow properties. We just can’t help being perfectionists! We know it looks pretty awesome, but this is only our development system so further refinements will be brought to our production models.


    We chose to develop equal length primaries coupled with a properly developed merge collector ensure that you’re getting maximum scavenging effect between cylinders therefore increase power as much as physically possible.


    These can be tuned to your exact specs, driveability, power requirements e.t.c and we can design a bespoke solution that will suit your need perfectly. Feel free to get in touch to see how we can tailor your manifold to suit your needs.

      Welcome to our online shop! As most of our products are made to order, please take note of the specified lead times on each product. These times are a general guide and can be flexible so please get in touch if you wish to discuss them.

      We do ship internationally but due to such varied costs this isn't available at the check out, please use our Contact Page for a postage quotation. 

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