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Renault Sport Megane MK2 KW V3 Adjustable Top Mount Conversion Kit
  • Renault Sport Megane MK2 KW V3 Adjustable Top Mount Conversion Kit


    This adjustable top mount conversion kit is designed to fit KW V3 suspension on Mk2 Megane Sport 225/230/R26. These replace the factory top mounts and allow camber adjustment easily without any modifications to the chassis.

    They allow the introduction of more negative camber to the front wheels, which in-turn means better utilisation of the tyres during cornering resulting ultimately in more grip! The perfect way to optimise your car's set-up.

    These custom top mounts contain pillowball solid bearings to give you more geometry control over the factory soft rubber mounts which allow movement when under-load. During hard cornering, these top mounts will retain the geometry that’s been set resulting in a much more direct feel to the way the car drives, giving the driver more confidence, more grip, and better lap times!

    The kit has also been designed to allow full articulation of the strut without unevenly compressing the spring or adding resistance when the damper needs to move in the top mounts, this gives a fantastic increase in suspension performance.

    These can be adapted to other suspension kits too, please get in contact with your requirements.

    We can offer a package of the conversation kit, plus fitting, full geometry set up, and corner weighing, for £766 in our South Yorkshire workshop. Get in touch to book a slot!

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