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Porsche Carrera 911 Exhaust System
  • Porsche Carrera 911 Exhaust System

    £2,650.00 Regular Price
    £2,252.50Sale Price

    This is unequivocally the best exhaust system availble for the 911 platform and that's something we're extremely proud of.

    Unique sound, awesome looks, less weight and more performance as well as exclusivity and complete personalisation are what make this system so astonishingly awesome.

    To sum up the CGR Porsche 911 Exhaust system it includes;

    Unequivocal CGR design and manufacturing quality,

    Motorsport specification V-band fittings,

    Unrivalled exclusivity and personalisation,

    Optimised X-Pipe design that no other manufacturer has equalled,

    The highest quality materials,

    British design and manufacturing all done in-house.

    We're offering 3 custom tuneable options with our exhaust system which come as follows;
    GT - This is suitable for most road cars, utilising 4 silencers to keep the exhaust note subtle and unintrusive yet still retaining that viceral sound which gives you a smile from ear to ear.

    SL - For those who are looking for something a little braver, using only two silencers in varying sizes we can keep weight down while releasing the noise the 911 should have always made.

    R- This is a system for trackday enthusiasts/racers looking to keep weight to a minimum but without worrying about noise limits on-track. Utilising thinner walled tubing and silencer bodies alongside more complex manufacturing procedures we can more finely control the overall weight of the system.


    Want to speak to us about your project and have a system optimised for your usage, don't hesitate to get in touch and speak to a member of our friendly and helpful team.

    We strongly recommend getting in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail before ordering, we specialise in completely custom set-ups so feel free to ask away.

    For more details on the system see our blog link below;

    To see the sound clip video, click here

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