inconel Exhausts

Inconel is a fantastic material to use for high temperature exhaust work. It copes with heat far better than stainless steel, but can be used to create components even lighter than Titanium.


We’d usually use Grade 625 for high-temperature applications which require as little weight as possible. For the most demanding products grade 718 is used, this is a firm favourite of formula 1, high end super cars, and aerospace companies.


We'd recommend Inconel when you're trying to save vital kilograms on manifolds, downpipes and full exhaust systems for high-power forced induction engines. Inconel components can be produced cost effectively, but if budget is more of a concern than weight saving, take a look at our stainless steel options by clicking below!

Inconel Exhaust
Inconel Exhaust
Inconel Exhaust
Inconel Exhaust

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